Elie’s Klein Experience with Cellf Juices



On April 27th I made the decision to change my lifestyle radically. I stop the consumption of meats (beef, poultry and fish), also cut all dairy from my diet. It’s funny because people ask me what do I eat. But the reality is that there are so many choices of foods that are healthy and wouldn’t contaminate your body. You just have to do a little research and you’ll see that you wouldn’t get bored eating the same things day after day. Other question that I frequently get is from where I obtain protein. Well veggies and grains are a great source of protein. Everything started with an awesome Detox Treatment hand made by the amazing Lynda Osorio. This Detox is amazing for your body. You’ll cleanse every organ on your system. (If you want more info contact her, she will guide you patiently, step by step.) On this last 8 weeks I’ve lost 70 pounds. Not only that, my cholesterol levels have decrease dramatically. My triglycerides are lower than ever, while my energy level has increased 100. I can say that I was at risk of become diabetic, and thanks to the Lord that’s far behind me. I’m not telling you that it’s been easy but is definitely not imposible. You just need to put it into prayer, have lots of will power and get empowered to make a decision and stand by it. Don’t you let anyone/anything become an obstacle to reach the best version of yourself. Here some before and after pictures, and the diagram talks by themselves.