What is it and why?

The alkaline juice cleanse is a type of juice fast.

Juice fast preference is based on specific durations such as intermitted fasting or 10 days long term fasting. Fasting duration depends on you and is performed for different reasons whether it be for spiritual (higher cellf), healing (both mentally & physically) , weight loss, and detachment (letting go of BS)!

The alkaline juice fast gives you the incentive to detach from refined sugars, processed and salty foods while adding more of a whole food plant base to your diet.  This will assist you on your journey of heath and wellness!

Who can Fast?

Anyone can fast! Fasting is actually preferable to your body. If done appropriately, will be very beneficial to your health. Check with your health care provider before participating in a fast if you are on any medication or have any other health complications.


There are numerous reasons why people chose to do an alkaline juice fast and the health reasons would be:

-To promote blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance.

-Improves blood pressure, Triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

-Reduces Inflammation

-Aids in weight loss by limiting calorie intake and boosting metabolism

Is it safe?

Yes, juice fasting is safe when done appropriately and with cellf research! If you have allergies that would be important to address before trying the alkaline juice cleanse. If you have any health conditions and on any kind of medications or supplements it is important to bring up first. If you have any concerns, consult your physician/ health care provider first.

Mindfulness, are you eating your emotions?

They say the best consumers are emotional people, are you a victim? Many of us have experienced a day on the couch or in bed eating our emotions away and not even being aware of it that those days eventually turn into nights and possibly even weeks. Until the day you come to realize things have gotten out of control and your health might not be in balanced. Gaining control back would be the mission to better health not only for yourcellf but for others.

How do we gain control back?

Detachment. Deprogram.

In this event, it will be the time you give back to cellf by detachment and deprograming. Detachment from the foods, energy, and even people that have become “toxic” in your life. This will allow you to vibrate on higher frequency by not feeding the animalistic body reaching your higher-cellf and higher state of consciousness. True vibration. When you invest in yourcellf no one can take that away from you.

Deprogram your mindset by governing all your thoughts, both the good ones and the bad ones. While questioning these thoughts using logic you will find a harmonic balance by answering them through cellf. Deprograming without judgement and reprograming with love.

When you love yourcellf you don’t have hate for anything because you are everything and everything is your reflection. When you reach the 100% stage of selfishness by cellf love and that’ll fulfill the 100% stage of selflessness.  Detachment and deprogram will help you gain TOTAL control of cellf reaching your harmonic balance.


Our mission is to assist with healing on a cellular level with our alkaline juice cleanse. The juice is designed to provide you with the purest and finest nutritional value that will help you reach a balanced healthier life style. We strive to maintain balance by offering the alkaline juice cleanse that will give you healing and nutritious benefits, while assisting to teach about the endless benefits that juicing, diet and healthy lifestyle can bring. By doing this, we hope to empower you with the knowledge needed to take control of your life. Taking control over your health should be priority ultimately and it would be our pleasure to assist you on a healthy fulfilled healing journey!

If you were to wish for one thing in life let it be balance!

Why start your fasting journey?

Why would anyone decide to not eat for an entire day? Fasting has gotten a bad reputation because some people think of fasting as starving yourself. Well by definition, fasting is to abstain from consuming any solid foods and drink for a certain period of time.

You can look at fasting as a form of detachment from sugary, processed, and acidic foods allowing your body to get rid of extra mucus. Fasting gives us the ability to gain mental and physical strength and clarity gaining cellf-control. Its an incentivisation for healthier lifestyle.

Once you go through an appropriate fast you start to feel more electric! Yes, I said electric! In fact, we are all electric beings beginning with the base of atoms working together to fire neurons through our nervous system. Everything we do in our daily lives is controlled and enabled by electrical signals!

Consuming electrical foods raises frequency in the body bringing thought solace & wholeness!

Picking to fast with natural juice (vegetables and fruit) has many benefits!

Fresh, organic, cold-pressed juice helps improve energy, boost your digestive system, kick-start weight loss, reduce cell damage and produce an overall sense of well-being.

Fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of minerals and digestive enzymes that can electrify the body in many ways. By extracting the juices from these fruits and vegetables, the digestive enzymes contained in the fibers are more easily released. Your digestive system absorbs these readily available minerals giving your body a powerful boost.

Once you’ve explored the world of juices you’re able to implement them while fasting. They help neutralize toxins as you detox! Which can be ignored in other fasting techniques.

Juice fasting has been very successful for many people across the globe!

Plant-Base Composting and Permaculture

Plant-Base Composting?

Yes ask me about plant-base composting! What is it and why are you saving that mushy stuff?

We play our role in this ecosystem too, as above so below! Composting is an all natural biological process, carried out under controlled aerobic conditions. The process includes various microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi which help further break down plant base material. The breakdown can take up to a couple weeks into months and the best part about it is that you can watch the process day by day.

Well what are the benefits?

The benefits of composting are never-ending, from enriching soil to retaining moisture in your planting beds.  Compost returns valuable minerals to the soil to help maintain soil quality and fertility. Its an all natural fertilizer that’ll help improve plant growth leading to better yields and saving you from purchasing chemical fertilizer.

How is juicing related to composting?

Using an efficient cold-press juice machine you are extracting fiber from vegetable & fruit which then becomes your “pulp” thus creating your future compost!  The extraction process is very beneficial in that you’re recieving digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, and minerals that are sometimes trapped away in the fiber of your vegetable or fruit. There are different types of fibers that are in vegetables and fruits and they branch down to insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. As we extract the insoluble fiber out as pulp, the juice still contains it’s soluble fiber which is equally beneficial. The insoluble fiber is then collected into a bin and then can be transferred either to your garden, neighbors garden, and even to a local farm for animal consumption.

Yes there are guidelines of using your pulp as compost. Your compost is very beneficial in that in can be broken down at a faster rate than your dry matter. The ration we like to keep from green to brown is 2:1 for a well-balances compost pile. You can now see how juicing can become a sustainable efficient lifestyle! Let us respect the planet and compost our food scraps!