Meet The Founder


Jazlinda is a specialist in Cellf-Development and a Certified Plant Base Nutritionist who has a focus on healing through high vibrational foods while assisting others on their journey of healing. She is a graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Horticulture and Biology graduating in May of 2015.

Her main focus was getting into pharmacy school in hopes of becoming a pharmacist. Working as a pharmacy technician preparing for the pharmacy program had only lasted for short amount of time until her awakening time (as she calls it) began. Taking a month long trip to Honduras, USHA Village had shifted her views on health and well-being. She no longer looked at healing by treating symptoms but healing on a cellular level, wholistically. The village provided plant-base meals with natural-forming alkaline saunas and baths bringing people from different areas of the world together.

Prior to this journey Jazlinda had challenges she faced with health such as acne, stomach discomfort, hormonal imbalance and anxiety. That all changed in April 2016 when she was introduced to a man by the name of Dr. Sebi who was a herbalist and self-proclaimed healer.  He assisted people with healing through his alkaline lifestyle he was well known for,  “The African Bio-mineral Alkaline diet.” While being in USHA village Jazlinda met people who came from different areas of the world sharing their unique story and what brought them there which had inspired her new flame, she finally realized that the trip was life changing for her once she came back to the states.

sebi and me

Practicing her new passion in her home of re-creating old meals in the kitchen with the suggested new ingredients from Dr. Sebi nutritional guide she developed keen cooking skills and made amazing alkaline cold-pressed juices. She no longer wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy but to continue the mission by assisting people on a cellular- level using plant base electrical foods. Although she had a new passion for food she realized “fasting” would be equally beneficial to her new lifestyle. Jazlinda researched the benefits of fasting and how it was best performed to then taking the initiative to start her fasting journey. Starting from intermittent fasting, water fasting then into juice fasting where she flourished the most. She took her fasting experience to extreme levels to find her truth of healing to finally be able to assist others on finding their truth as well.

Now Jazlinda prepares alkaline juice cleanses for the people in her community assisting them to a whole-food plant base lifestyle and bringing like-minded people together to help empower and motivate them on their own journey of healing. Providing others with more of a balanced approach helps them reach their goals in a safer and healthier innovated way. Leaving old paradigms shifting into newer paradigms wholesomely.

One of her favorite books written by Arnold Ehret,  “Mucusless Diet Healing System”.  “True healing is not a “quick fix” but a regeneration that comes from removing all waste from the body.”

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