Juice Fasting

Picking to fast with natural juice (vegetables and fruit) has many benefits!


Fresh, organic, cold-pressed juice helps improve energy, boost your digestive system, kick-start weight loss, reduce cell damage and produce an overall sense of well-being.


Fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of minerals and digestive enzymes that can electrify the body in many ways. By extracting the juices from these fruits and vegetables, the digestive enzymes contained in the fibers are more easily released. Your digestive system absorbs these readily available minerals giving your body a powerful boost.


Once you’ve explored the world of juices you’re able to implement them while fasting. They help neutralize toxins as you detox! Which can be ignored in other fasting techniques.


Juice fasting has been very successful for many people across the globe!

Why Fast?

Why would anyone decide to not eat for an entire day? Fasting has gotten a bad reputation because some people think of fasting as starving yourself or it’s a type of diet. Well the definition of fasting is to abstain from consuming any solid foods and drink for a certain period of time.

You can look at fasting as a new start to change in eating patterns. Detachment from sugary, processed, acidic foods by fasting gives us the ability to choose healthier options.

Once you go through an appropriate fast you start to feel more electric! Yes, I said electric! In fact, we are all electric beings beginning with the base of atoms working together to fire neurons through our nervous system. Everything we do in our daily lives is controlled and enabled by electrical signals!

Eating healthier raises frequency in the body bringing thought solace and inner peace.