Pablo Rivera Transition Plant-Base with Cellf Juices

A moment of self-reflection in the summer of June 2018 resulted in my desire to make changes in my overall well-being and diet. My weight at the time was 198lbs and I desired to be closer to 150lbs. I came across a posting from Linda regarding her fasting sessions, I reached out and after an in-depth explanation from her I decided to start her alkaline juice fasting. My goal was to introduce a one day fast into my diet and build up to a five day fast. For the first time, I realized that my addiction to snacks, processed foods and meats was real especially when I tried the two day fast. However; the break through happens when you make the decision not to give in and realize the next morning that you feel physically and mentally whole. During the discussion Linda had mentioned that it’s a matter of “reprogramming” your mind in order to make healthier choices. The reprogramming process has been well worth it as I’ve decided to eliminate meats, dairy and processed foods and have indulged in a more of a vegan life style. It’s been six months since I began this journey and since I’m 41lbs lighter and feel extremely energized. Linda’s alkaline juices have not only changed my physical state, but has also affected my mental state when making decisions about the foods that I consume on a daily basis.