Whole Food Plant Base Chef

Cellf-Juices has currently connected with an amazing Whole Food Plant Base Nutritonist, Chef D! Not only we’ve recently connected with Chef D but her lovely daughter has been heavily invested into plant base lifestyle preparing meals serving the community at their best! We’ve connected with Chef D to have her not only plan nourishments for Cellf Juice connections but for the little ones as well! Yes, Chef D offers nourishments for our young activators providing a whole food plant base lunch for school time!

You may contact Chef D & Mya at: for more information on her daily meal planning!

Urban Resources

We are Glad to have connected with Springfields Local Andrew Laurion! Giving a hand around Springfield, MA community helping with urban organic gardens has been Andrews fulfillment. Offering his services volunteering at community gardens while spending countless hours with youth helping to spread awareness on the importance of sustainability of gardening and mindful living.  Assisting the youth to help make connections with nature & being present in our ecosystem has been his specialty!  He offers free composting lectures during fall, spring & summer seasons!  

You may contact Andrew Laurion at 

Agric Organics Urban Farm

Another amazing connection this summer has been with Agric Organics Urban Farm! Their mission is to contribute to creation of an abundance of food while fostering living healthy through urban farming. Organic food production is the method we are using to address the increasing need for access to fresh, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.

You may contact Agric Organics Urban Farm at

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