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So, why did I pick juice to fast with?

I have experimented with fasting in different ways trying to achieve a healthier life style. I myself had trials and errors in my journey in the fasting world. I’ve tried dry-fasting for 24 hours, water fasting, and herbal tea fasting. I’ve also done a 30-day no sugar diet!

“Let Juice be thy medicine and medicine be thy Juice”

What worked for me the best is Juice-fasting. I found that it was very enjoyable, not harsh, and easy going. It all started with the 24-hr Juice cleanse I put together at home. I cleared my schedule one day and decided this will work for me. I instantly believed my juice would be the answer to this quest I had set for myself and it was true! I felt amazing after and wanted to continue the juice fast. In the beginning of my journey, I had a slight addiction to sugar hence why I tried a 30-day no sugar diet which lasted not for long. The juice fast worked for me because almost immediately I wanted to just continue fasting with the juice.  When I did the sugar cravings went away within the 3rd day! The addiction then turned into making juice for not only mycellf but for all of my close friends and family. From that day on I haven’t regretted juice fasting!

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