What is it and why? The alkaline juice cleanse is a type of juice fast. Juice fast preference is based on specific durations such as intermitted fasting or 10 days long term fasting. Fasting duration depends on you and is performed for different reasons whether it be for spiritual (higher cellf), healing (both mentally &Continue reading “THE ALKALINE JUICE FAST”

Why start your fasting journey?

Why would anyone decide to not eat for an entire day? Fasting has gotten a bad reputation because some people think of fasting as starving yourself. Well by definition, fasting is to abstain from consuming any solid foods and drink for a certain period of time. You can look at fasting as a form ofContinue reading “Why start your fasting journey?”

Plant-Base Composting and Permaculture

Plant-Base Composting? Yes ask me about plant-base composting! What is it and why are you saving that mushy stuff? We play our role in this ecosystem too, as above so below! Composting is an all natural biological process, carried out under controlled aerobic conditions. The process includes various microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi which helpContinue reading “Plant-Base Composting and Permaculture”